About Dietmar Wertanzl   

Dietmar Wertanzl has enjoyed a long career in the cruise ship business. The former executive vice president of hotel and commercial operations at FleetPro Passenger Ship Management, an independent, Swiss-owned company based in Miami, he also served four years as senior vice president of fleet operations with Celebrity Cruises, Inc., a $1 billion division of Royal Caribbean Cruises, Ltd. There, Dietmar Wertanzl led both marine and hotel operations, and was responsible for the combined cruise experience for each and every passenger. His efforts yielded annual marketing and sales revenue of $200 million for Celebrity, an operator of nine Vegas-style resort ships totaling 16,000 beds. Some of his additional achievements include establishing a brand partnership with National Geographic and bringing in Cirque du Soleil as a form of on-ship entertainment.

Mr. Wertanzl received his hotel administration certification from the American Hotel and Motel Association in 1993. He has held the Austrian equivalent of this designation for more than 35 years. Outside of his professional life, Mr. Wertanzl enjoys playing tennis several times per week, both singles and doubles, as well as table tennis.